Sage Resources of Denver, Colo., conducts mining exploration and development through many of Mexico's richest fields.


Geotechnical assessments start with a geologic review of the construction site and the regional setting.   Site data and information is used to assess the structural setting, rock lithologies, potential stress fields, hydrogeologic conditions, and general geotechnical constraints.   Previous geologic work, mapping, existing drill holes, photogrammatic surveys, geophysical surveys and other background information are cataloged.   Shallow drilling is often required to provide detailed geotechnical characterization.  

 Our focus is to provide detailed geotechnical assessments and data for construction tasks at remediation projects, mines, and dam projects on previous disturbance.     We also provide geotechnical project management and project oversite for construction activities, geotechnical testing, and regulatory permitting.  This includes property development evaluations, geotechnical analysis and regulatory compliance.   


SAGE RESOURCES  has over 15 years of geotechnical design, implementation and supervisory experience.  This includes a full suite of start to finish geotechnical projects from scoping studies, through pre-feasibility and costing studies, to construction and completion projects.   Our work has been used on a variety of programs, including;

Aggregate, gravel, building stone quarries and open-pits Environmental remediation projects, including land and groundwater 

Dam construction and renovation Structural Foundation investigations and construction.