SAGE RESOURCES is dedicated to proper assessment, wise use,  and discovery of new water resources in the western United States.   We utilize public and private databases of hydrologic, geologic and engineering information to design best approaches to water resource needs.  We are currently working on water projects in California, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, and Arkansas.

Groundwater Basins



California Central Valley:   Hydrogeologic and surface water evaluation of long term aquifer production.   Program includes; Evaluation of historic development, producing wells and total river flows.  Modeling of regional and site-specific hydrologic conditions and demands. And, assessments of expected regional development and water demands.

Williston Basin, Montana and North Dakota: Hydrogeologic evaluations of groundwater conditions, supply and potential reuse.   Multidisciplinary reviews of geology, hydrology, statistical analysis, exploration costs, well design, permitting, and potential resources.


Bitteroot Valley, Montana:  Property site reports, field investigations, hydrogeology, well completion data, and geologic modeling.


Montana Watersheds
California Central Valley Water
Central Valley Project