Our water water treatment technologies include a full spectrum of services and products for municipal water treatments, enhanced oil recoveries, recycling and reuse campaigns, and wasterwater treatments.   

      Water is one of the most important resources for any industrial operation or effluent treatment plant.  Water treatments are needed on almost all industrial processing, washing, diluting, cooling, or cleaning.   Water treatments allow for better performance, more cost effective performance, and longer term quality output.  Industries, municipalities, and regions are all striving to reduce water consumption, reduce pollutants, and increase recycling.

Our program evaluations, recommendations, and designs will lead you to more effective, reliable, and efficient water systems and operations.  



Water treatment is used to optimize industrial processes related to heating, cooling, processing, cleaning, and rinsing.  Effective treatment designs and procedures will reduce operating costs and environmental risks.   Sage Resources provides detailed engineering and design for the four main problem area in industrial water treatment; scaling, corrosion, microbiological activity and disposal.  

  Scaling problems creates friction, increases the pumping energy, reduces the effectiveness of  heat exchange elements, raising energy costs, and increasing operational repairs.

  Corrosion from metal oxidation compromises equipment integrity, increases repair costs, and potentially leads to catastrophic failures.

Microbes thrive in untreated cooling water, especially warm waters with high organic nutrients.  Wet cooling towers are very efficient air scrubbers but can add considerable nutrients to the cooling waters.  Dust, flies, grass, fungus, and elementary nutrients will collect in the water creating a rich micobiotic soup, if not properly treated with oxides, biocides.  We can help meet the most stringent health and safety guidelines concerning cooling towers and water treatment operations. 


Brownfield Site

 SAGE RESOURCES TRANSACTION AND OPERATIONS REVIEWS: Water Resource and related Environmental Due Diligence

 Due diligence is a critical component of all operational activities and business transactions  where potential treatment needs and unmitigated environmental risks are a concern. Understanding and quantifying the environmental, health and safety issues associated with a transaction are essential to protecting your organization from environmental liability.

 Sage Resources understands the pace of corporate deals and the need to quickly and clearly complete environmental due diligence deadlines. We can provide the timely answers that you need to evaluate key risks, liabilities and opportunities.    Sage Resources helps to ensure the success of your deal. Our staff has completed due diligence on deals in excess of $200 million dollars. We deliver real time results, quantified in immediate and long-term business lines, with effective communication throughout the process.  All designed to provide  an inherent advantage in timely strategic decision making.

 Sage Resources quantifies technical, remedial and regulatory issues that characterize a due diligence effort. In addition, we provide answers to the critical questions needed to evaluate business risks and support transactions; the extent of the environmental liabilities, and the probable environmental remediation costs.   Sage Resources works with your staff to provide timely answers and expertise that you demand.


Recent Projects;

 Environmental advisor for railroad and petroleum sites (Union Pacific, Chevron) in Montana, California, and Washington.  Project included property due diligence, remedial assessments, Brownfields designation assistance, and environmental cost estimations for former cleaning-maintenance facilities, tracks, refueling areas, and depots.  

 Development advisor for water treatment projects (SC Edison, DOE) in Hawaii, Montana and California.   Projects included initial characterization, SHEC procedures, effecitive treatments, cost analysis and design.  Project work resulted in decreased treatment cost, more effective resource use, decreased plant downtimes, and increased production rates.

 Advisor for industrial processing, effective tertiary outflow treatments, and Phase II compliance and feasibility reports for commercial redevelopment (CMC Holdings, IPP).        

 Water supply and cost estimations for groundwater development and aquifer recharge program in Imperial County, CA.  Program included initial site characterization, SHEC procedures, resource analysis.  Results included increase water supply and reduced development costs.



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