SAGE RESOURCES is working on several Greenstone belt exploration programs in West Africa.   Africa currently produces 25-30% of the world's gold.    Even though South Africa leads the continents production, Most of Africa's recent gold production growth is occurring in the greenstone belts of western Africa. 

Much of this success is due to large (3-20 MM oz Au) low-grade (1-1.3 g/t Au) occurring in large-scale, near surface deposits.

Sage Resources is working on the exploration trends related to the underground and open pit operations in Archaean age greenstone belts in Ghana, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Cote de Ivoire. Early exploration efforts centered on urficial weathered gold-bearing lateritic and saprolitic rock, this has progressed to large-scale geologic mapping, geophysical surveys, and soils sampling.


For a confidential discussion of exploration or development opportunities please contact  jthomas@sageresources.com



SAGE RESOURCES continues to work on exploration project for several Gold-Copper-Silver (Au-Cu-Ag) mining operations and prospects in Mexico and Latin America.  Mexico is still one of the most favorable environments for mining and exploration investment.  Large, multimineral discoveries over the past decade have added considerable value to economic development in the country.  These recent discoveries include; Peñasquito (18 MM oz Au,>1 B oz Ag), Pinos Alto (2.5MM oz Au, 73 MM oz Ag), Palmerejo (150 MM oz Ag, 1.7 MM oz Au), La Herradura (3.2 MM oz Au),  La Cienega (3 MM oz eAu), Ocampo (5.8 MM oz Au, 295 MM oz Ag), and others.

Sage Resources continues to work on several of the mineral exploration and mining operations within central Mexico and South America including ; 1) Maracucha District, northern Chile, 2) Sierra Madre trends, Mexico and 3) Sonoran, Mexico gold trend. The mines and exploration projects in these regions host both high-grade epithermal vein systems and bulk-mineable zones of gold, silver, and base metals.  Sage Resources has been successful in defining new reserves, resouce expansions and exploration opportunities in these areas.   Target models are large porphyry related Au-Cu systems, epithermal Au-Ag vein, structurally-controlled stockwork deposits, and replacement deposits in receptive host rocks.

Many deposits have exploration potential at depth and laterally from existing headframes. Priority vein systems have significant strike and width extent, high-level signatures, banded-chalcedonic quartz veins, silicified breccias, and extensional terrains along favorable mineral trends.  Our experience in the western Sonora gold province is defining resources and exploration targets on stockwork systems of epithermal veins and mineralized fractures in the metamorphosed sedimentary and volcanic rocks.