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SAGE RESOURCES as over 30 years of water resource and hydrogeologic experience.  We provide evaluation, exploration, development, and project analysis experience for water management, non-profit assistance, and general consulting throughout the western hemisphere.  This includes a wide range of custom evaluations to fit your project needs, including; acquisition identification, project evaluations, cost benefit analysis, monitoring and modeling.

SAGE RESOURCES is currently working on sustainability programs in California, Montana, and Hawaii.


Our recent projects include:

  • California Central Valley: Resource assessment, planning, and strategies

  • California Sustainable Water Strategies:  Working with local uses, communities and state agencies   

  • Land Transfers:  Cost effective transfer of disturbed lands to conservation easements

  • Water Resources:  Groundwater production evaluations and development cost analysis

  • Water Resources: Hydrogeologic Assessments and aquifer recharge program. 

Geothermal Well

SAGE RESOURCES is working with Private, State, and Federal efforts to assess the hydrologic conditions and water needs for GEOTHERMAL RESOURCES, throughout the western U.S.

In Hawaii, Montana, California, and Nevada, we are evaluating geothermal heating and power sites, with information on over 50 potential sites.  

Geothermal analysis included site characterization, flow analysis, geochemical analysis, and detailed review of well production.

Assessments include groundwater conditions, water flow rates, specific source area definition, fracture analysis as related to flow paths and development effects.

In California, regional geothermal investigations have been combined with field reviews to define new project sites with potential for combined thermal development. These investigations include surface evaluations, fracture zone definition and analysis, geologic mapping, field reconnaissance and sampling. Investigation delineated source areas, undeveloped groundwater resource areas and future development sites. Project definition, program design, field support, and staff management. 


Our Recent Program Experience Includes:

  • Water Sustainability Programs:  Resource Assessments, Community Planning, and Due Diligence 
  • Geotechnical Engineering:  Site-specific environmental and construction programs
  • Resource Development Projects:  Resource expansions, drill programs, geologic modeling
  • Data Analysis, QA/QC
  • Project permitting and planning
SAGE RESOURCES is dedicated to sustainable development services.